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The Royal Bank of Scotland plc has been present in the United Arab Emirates since 1973.

We operate two Corporate branches, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, while also serving as the regional hub for the Middle East and Africa in Markets & International Banking.

The Royal Bank of Scotland plc also has a branch licence and operates out of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), offering debt capital markets, risk management and transaction services. In addition, the private banking division of RBS Group, Coutts, provides tailored wealth management solutions from the DIFC.

RBS plc and Coutts currently offer Markets & International Banking and private banking services respectively, through a branch in the Qatar Financial Centre.

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Trade Document Tracker Service

RBS Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Client Facing Staff

RBS' DIFC branch is authorised by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) to provide the following financial services:
Advising on Financial Products and Credit and
Arranging Credit or Deals in Investments
Listed below are the DIFC branch Client facing staff that provide these financial services.
Name DIFC Start Date
Ahmed Ahsan Siddiqi 20 March, 2011
Ahmed Hussain Hassan 01 March, 2008
Aneeq Mahmood Khalid 01 August, 2012
Antoine Pierre Charles Poussard 10 March, 2014
Benjamin David Hughes 25 February, 2013
Georgia Kate Bayne 18 July, 2011
Hollie Kirsten McGuinness 01 July, 2011
Hussain Hussain 14 August, 2008
Jacco Peter Keijzer 20 September, 2007
James Andrew Gorman 10 April, 2014
James David Miller 29 April, 2013
Jeremie Charles Cyrille Levrat 16 May, 2010
Joaquin Esteves Eliason 31 January, 2013
Neil Austin Jones 08 May, 2011
Nisshan Bhadressa 12 May, 2013
Sahibzada Masroor Ali 20 December, 2012
Steven Peter Webb 17 July, 2011