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Call Back Procedure

The Introduction of the Call Back Procedure

Thank you for your continued patronage, we at RBS take great pride in providing you with quality service and it is our endeavor to continuously improve by introducing new and more efficient measures.

We are writing to advise you that effective 15th March 2010 The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V., acting through its branch in the United Arab Emirates (the Bank) will be introducing an internal control measure to minimise the risk inherent with payment instructions sent to the Bank by post or delivered to the Bank by a third party (the Payment Instruction), for the purposes of authenticating or validating such instruction.

The Bank may, at its sole discretion, carry out a manual telephone call back procedure (the Call Back Procedure) for the purposes of verifying a Payment Instruction by means of a telephone call back, which will be recorded. The Call Back Procedure may be performed by the Bank for Payment Instruction(s) close to or above a threshold amount of AED 40,000.00 (AED Forty Thousand).

Please note that the above amounts are indicative only and is subject to change without prior notice.

The Bank reserves the right in its discretion to decide whether or not to carry out the Call Back Procedure; and whether or not to comply with the Payment Instruction if such instruction cannot be authenticated or validated using the Call Back Procedure. If a successful call back cannot be made (for example because the Bank could not reach any of the contact persons specified by you for whatever reason), the Bank may in its discretion decide whether or not to process the Payment Instruction and the Bank shall not be liable for any losses or costs that you may suffer as a result. If a successful call back is performed, this does not guarantee in all cases that the Payment Instruction will be processed. Successful processing is also subject to valid and sufficient data being included in the Payment Instruction as well as availability of funds.

The Bank is under no obligation or duty to carry out the Call Back Procedure and these internal control measures should not be construed in any way as imposing such a duty. The Bank does not accept liability for any delay in transit or for any failure in any payment reaching the intended beneficiary's account, unless such delay or failure is caused by the negligence of the Bank.

You will find a Mandate form, that should be completed and returned to the Bank prior to sending any Payments Instruction to the Bank. The Mandate is only required for Payment Instructions sent by post or delivered to the Bank by a third party. You are requested to provide to the Bank with a list of authorised persons (the Authorised Persons) who shall have the authority to provide confirmation to the Bank with respect to Payment Instructions for the purposes of the Call Back Procedure. Each Authorised Person set out in the Mandate shall continue to be authorised until such time as the Bank receives written notice to the contrary and until receipt of such confirmation, the Bank shall be entitled to rely on, and shall be fully protected in acting on, the information relating to the Authorised Persons previously provided to it. Please note that if we do not receive the Mandate by 15th March 2010 and are unable to carry out a Call Back Procedure, the Bank shall not accept liability for any failure in processing a Payment Instruction.

Should you require any clarifications please call us on +971 4 426 6000 and we shall be happy to assist you. You can also enroll for our secure eBanking service to send your payment instructions and take complete control of your finances anytime, anywhere.

The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.